1 Get a license to fish

In the United States, you need a license to fish in each state. You can opt to register online, although some states require that you visit the office. The fee is around $40 for residents, and almost twice that amount for non-residents.


2 Purchase a rod and reel

You may think fishing gear is going to thin out your wallet, but when you’re a beginner you don’t need to break the bank. Talk to the person in the fishing or angler shop, and he’ll give you some advice on the best rod for your budget.
  • Normally, a medium-length pole is enough for most beginners. Choose a rod that’s about as long as your height, and light enough for your casting comfort. You would want a flexible rod, a little loose, and not rigid. These are not likely to break, but also strong enough for big fish.
  • Basically, there are two kinds of reels. One that spools vertically (the baitcast reel), and one that spools perpendicularly (the spinning reel). For beginners, the spinning reel is recommended. Make sure to get the closed variety, which means they are operated with a push of a button.


Get the right fishing line and hook variety

Remember that the smaller your hook and line, the better your chances of a fish biting your bait. The kind of line you have should match the type of pole you have. Example, if you have a rigid pole, you would want a strong test line. If you have a loose pole, you have to avail of the lightest gauge you can. Note that a smaller line means a smaller fish.


Choose the correct bait

Synthetic baits are created to mimic the smell and look of live bait, but because fish eat insects and other aquatic life, live baits offer a more real fishing experience.

You have a choice to either purchase live bait, or gather your own. You can get worms from a lawn when it rains, or at night. You can also find grasshoppers in the stream-side, or minnows with a minnow trap. Keep them alive for as long as you can by putting them in a bucket full of water.


5 Get a container for your catches

If you want to keep the fish you catch, you have to get a fish cage, or even a simple bucket to place them while you continue to fish.